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Top Key Car Rental Tips for Hiring a car in Uganda

Renting is among the powerful ways of exploring what Uganda holds within her boundaries but before you do, there important car rental tips you need to consider to have a rewarding and memorable time in the “Pearl of Africa”.

These car rental tips have been revised and updated to meet the current trends giving you the best information you need whether you’re renting a car with a driver or self drive. Are you coming to Uganda for a business trip or safari? These are the following crucial car rental tips you have to keep in mind before hiring a car.

Have a valid driving permit

First and foremost, before you consider renting a car in Uganda, you need to make sure you have a valid driving license so that you are permitted to drive on Ugandan roads. This is usually among the first requirements car rental agencies ask for before they process your booking. Your driving permit can be accompanied with your passport details.

Choose your preferred car choice

Choosing your next car depends on a number of factors and among them is the price of the car, comfort, fuel consumption and most importantly the number going to occupy the car. For people opting for solo trips, saloon cars are the best option and for family trips bigger SUV is the best option as it has enough for you and the luggage.

Trustworthiness of a car rental Uganda

To avoid being a victim of fraud, its very important to get to know other user’s past experience with the company and you can do this by simply searching for the name of the company on google or Safari and you will get the results that will guide you on the next step to take. These include reviews both on google or trip advisor

While here, also read the terms and conditions of the company and understand them so that once you go ahead to book your next car, your not surprised by some of the new measures that may arise during your trip or time with the car.

You can as well read the insurance package offered by the company and any additional fees that you may incur along the way.

Rules to follow on the road

Uganda like any other country has rules that govern its road network and among them is the most crucial one where you are required to respect all road users regardless of your race, position, status among others.

While driving on Ugandan roads you’re expected to keep on the right side of the road and also respect all the road signs placed on different routes both in the cities and upcountry.

Inspect the vehicle

Upon receiving your booked car from a car rental agency, you’re required to inspect the car to identify the scratches if it has any and if possible, take a photo. This is done to avoid paying for the damages you aren’t responsible of once your trip is complete.

Look beyond using popular companies

While using popular car rental agencies feels safer for most people looking forward to hiring a car in Uganda, looking beyond these companies will lead you to some small car rental agencies that may still offer you the best experience and discounts too. Getting one might be tricky but its rewarding once you get one.

Car Rental age limit

Age is yet another factor that most of the car rental companies put into consideration. Most companies prefer individuals who are aged between 21- 65 years.  This is because majority of countries give out their driving permits to anyone aged above 18years and by 65years many are retiring.

Ask of points where you’re not allowed

Majority of the car rental companies before they avail you a car of your choice, they always require to avail an itinerary to different areas that you will be heading to. A proper itinerary will reward you that car of your choice to your preffered destination.

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