Car Rental in Uganda with Rooftop Tent- Book today

Car Rental with Rooftop Tent

Car Rental in Uganda with Rooftop Tent

Are you looking forward to car rental in Uganda with a rooftop tent? We have the best, reliable and comfortable cars to take you to your preferred destination with ease.

Our Land Cruiser TZ/TX is the most booked and budget car rental in Uganda with a rooftop and it comes with all the essential camping gear you need to have a memorable safari while in Uganda. Camping equipment consists of sleeping bags, a mattress, cooking utensils, chairs, table cooking gas, and a fridge that can be availed at only $5 per day. You can as well mention that item that you would like to be included and it will be availed.

While most of the people hire this car on self drive in Uganda basis, we allow our travelers to book this a car with a driver especially for those not well versed with the road network in the country.

What is a rooftop tent on a car?

This simply means that a specific camping tent is put right onto the top of the car and different have the way they are designed so that this particular tent fits there. You don’t need to have knowledge on how to put up that tent when time comes to rest, before you set off to your next destination our guides will teach how it’s done and make sure you’ve got the steps before you leave.

What is included with my hire?

A 4×4 Cheap Car Rental Uganda 4WD is the ultimate vehicle for exploring the hidden gems of either western Uganda, south western or even the north eastern parts of Uganda.

Our 4WD vehicles come equipped with a roof top tent which sleeps up to 2 people, a fridge (optional), UHF Radio, standard recovery tools, steel bull bar and unlimited kilometers at no extra cost.

It is perfect for couple or families who want a safe and robust vehicle.

What cars can have a tent on top?

A rooftop tent is designed specifically that are strong enough to sustain a given weight, implying that small SUVS won’t be able to handle such weight. Our fleet of cars that you can hire with a rooftop tent in Uganda include, a Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Land cruiser GX among others.

How much does a tent on top of the car cost?

Our car rental in Uganda with a rooftop tent goes for only $85 per day and this is the best car rental price you get while in Uganda. Our car rental prices in Uganda are revised each and every time so that we fit within your budget and enable have that once in a life time opportunity.

Is there age limit?

Our 4WDs are available to drivers of 25 years and older.

Those interested in car rental Uganda and are under 21 years of age, are not permitted. Hirers 21-24 years of age with incur a $30.00 per day young driver fee.

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