Rent a car in Uganda today with a foreign driving permit

Is it possible to rent a car in Uganda with a foreign driving permit

Is it possible to rent a car in Uganda with a foreign driving permit

Many travelers have always wondered whether its possible to rent a car in Uganda and use your international driving permit. The answer to this is a yes. You can hire a car as long as you’re a fully qualified and this can be proved by having a valid driving license or permit.

Make sure you have a valid driving permit before you proceed to rent a car in Uganda as this is the must have especially for people who need cars for a self drive.

What if you forget your driving permit

It’s always disappointing when you reach the destined country and realize you forgot your driving back home. However, you don’t have to worry about this especially for individuals traveling more than one in a car. Are you traveling with your spouse and they do a valid driving license? Talk to the car rental company and request them to transfer the booking details from your name to the other person’s so that you still have the car availed to you.

Please note that when it comes to driving on the road, you wont be allowed to do so because the law requires a person with the driving to be the one of the steering.

What if i am traveling and still forgot my permit? This is the worst case but still we have options already there to make sure you’re served. You can either as for to rent a car with a driver or if this wasn’t something you planned for, the car rental company will no option but to terminate the booking.

The best way to explore Uganda is by renting a car that does meet your budget and will ease your ground transport means.

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